• The finest food and jazz music
    Delicious Food

    The original specialties of our chefs, weaved freshness and careful selection of foods. Their flavor is a combination of charm and the modern understanding of cooking. For us it is really possible and impossible is real. Our imagination for your pleasure!

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  • The finest food and jazz music
    Exquisite Vines

    Wines and truth are old friends. For old friends and new friends, exquisite wines with creations of our chefs. Toast life, friends and yourself.

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  • The finest food and jazz music
    Amazing Ambient

    In the heart of the churning of Belgrade, is located a beautiful garden in the courtyard of 1923. Enjoy the natural oasis and original dishes.

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New Reset
New Reset

New Reset on Dorcol, in the center of Belgrade metropolis, located in the surroundings of the house from 1923 with a beautiful garden. Old Dorcol, overgrowth, peace and quiet is disturbed only by the chirping of birds, gives it a special romance and charm. Enjoy the natural oasis in the heart of Belgrade speeding and original specialties and we are confident in your satisfaction. Our original cuisine and exquisite wines from the winery, we supplemented the exhibition of paintings of famous painters and unobtrusive music that fits perfectly into the romantic ambience. Let your life make only good memories. New Reset unmistakably define your expectations. Welcome!

Chef Ivan Zaric

In cooking as a profession, art and excellent creativity, spirit and mastery brought Dorcol and original dishes enriched European, primarily French charm. Native nostalgia note slipped through the careful selection of spices, natural raw materials, cheeses, meat.... Originality, stacking taste, creativity and guest satisfaction are the motto, the winning team New Reset which successfully manages Ivan Zaric.

  • weekend
    Vine & Guitares

    We offer exquisite wines of small wineries, extra quality and affordable price. With our specialties, sparkling, white, red and rose wines from our wine list, will help to rejoice and enjoy every bite and every moment. Beautiful moments are remembered, friends create, and celebrate the glory, and the wine is consumed. Cheers!

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  • every day
    Cultural Corner

    House from 1923 in late baroque style, is the ideal place to known and promising painters show all her talent and range of colors enrich the ambience of our restaurants. The young and talented musicians virtuosity and sounds of guitar, flute, viola, violin, solo singing, enrich and space and soul of our guests. Cultural corner, for every moment spent with us, is an experience. Life is art and it's only one. Enjoy to remembered!

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  • Marko & Jelena, Belgrade

    Hidden culinary gem in the city center.

  • Milica & Dragan, Belgrade

    Beautiful place, as if from another world! Garden, interior design, music, and the food and service are awesome! Biggest recommendation for anyone who wants to enjoy in the restaurant with a soul!

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